Maternal Health

Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Services Title V Block Grant is a federally funded program that focuses on improving maternal and child health in a variety of ways. The Linn County Health Department has chosen to address the issue of childhood obesity and has started with breastfeeding promotion. The department is currently offering breastfeeding support groups throughout the year, in addition to working with local businesses and worksites to become breastfeeding friendly environments. Policy development is key in sustaining a program and multiple worksites in the community have committed to policy in regards to supporting breastfeeding mothers when they return to work.

Breastfeeding Promotion

The LCHD & Missouri DHSS promotes, supports and protects breastfeeding as the perfect food for your baby, having all the essential nutrients and sufficient calories to meet your infant’s needs. Breastfeeding provides numerous benefits to mothers, infants, the environment, and to the communities of Missouri. Accordingly, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months after birth and the continuation of breastfeeding through the first year of life and beyond.

Breastfeeding is good for the mother and baby. Breastfeeding helps reduce the incidence of disease and illness and reduces infant mortality rates. The LCHD is happy to assist breastfeeding mothers with telephone consultation, lactation classes and
the availability of breast pumps. Call for more details.

Did you know...

... breast milk is easier to digest?

... mothers who breast feed miss less work?

... breastfeeding can reduce the incidence of childhood obesity?

Stop in and see the new breastfeeding room at the health department!